The New Jersey Symposium for Physiologic Birth:

2017 The Evidence for CHOICE


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    November 3rd, 2017

    Sheraton Parsippany Hotel

    Parsippany NJ

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The birth of your baby is one of the most important days of your entire life! Take this opportunity to make the very best of your pregnancy and birth by joining us on November 3rd, 2017 for the Why Water for Labor and Birth Workshop, the Savvy Birth Workshop or both!


3:00-5:00 PM  

Why Water for Labor and Birth Workshop

5:00-6:00 PM  


6:00-9:00 PM  

Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents



$50per couple

During the Savvy Birth Workshop, we will explore these questions:

-What does research support as the safest way to give birth?

-How does Midwifery care differ from OB care?

-What is it like to give birth with a truly supportive team made up your partner, doula, and nurse?

-Discuss the human and legal rights of birthing persons

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For Birth Professionals interested in the November 4th event CLICK HERE

For questions call: 908.509.1801

Are you anxious about the unknowns of labor or confused by the horror stories you hear from family and friends? You are not alone!


Taught By:

Rebecca Dekker, Ph.D., RN Evidence Based Birth® Founder

The Savvy Birth Workshop developed by Evidence Based Birth ® will provide you and your partner with the confidence and knowledge you need to make informed pregnancy and birth decisions, so that you can look forward to one of the most important days of your life—the day you meet your baby—with a sense of empowerment and excitement!

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Water for Labor and Birth Workshop


$25per couple

Taught By: 

Jennifer Vanderlaan Ph.D. CNM


For Birth Professionals interested in the November 4th event CLICK HERE
For questions call: 908.509.1801

Hurry, seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

Why Water for Labor and Birth Workshop?

  • Are you considering waterbirth?  We truly believe that waterbirth is the single best thing to happen to birth! Not only does it provide women with an alternative method for pain relief, but it provides a sacred space for them to labor and deliver their babies. Come learn the facts about waterbirth in this 2-hour seminar taught by one of the country’s waterbirth experts, Jennifer Vanderlaan PhD. CNM. In this workshop, Jennifer will address the benefits of water immersion and waterbirth, the science behind waterbirth and discuss waterbirth safety. We will be showing a waterbirth slideshow and will have a time for questions and answers.

About the Conference:

The Midwives of New Jersey, LLC, a premier midwifery practice in Central New Jersey, is hosting this multidisciplinary educational forum. Integrating these evidence-based methodologies into the practice of Obstetrics in New Jersey will help to Improve Pregnancy and Childbirth outcomes in our state.

The first day of this two-day event is for parents. The Waterbirth Workshop is presented by Emory Professor, Dr. Jennifer Vanderlaan CNM. The Savvy Birth Parent’s Workshop will be presented by Rebecca Dekker, founder of Evidence Based Birth®.  The second session, held on Saturday is for birth workers of all kind: nurses, midwives, doulas, obstetricians, hospital administrators and childbirth educators – and parents are welcome as well!

Our theme is “The Evidence for Birthing change to Birth Choice.” Speakers will be presenting the evidence that supports patient directed decisions for their birth, midwifery care, home birth, water immersion and waterbirth, with special attention focused on avoiding invasive procedures. This amazing conference is not to be missed!

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